Work Records

A Major Retail Distribution Company

Company A

Company A started PT in the headquarters of garments to reinforce the Baby Preschool Category which is the portal of GMS as new business in 2002. It started with the framework that 150 stores under the format of approximately 3.3 square meters. It was aimed to capture the conventional NB as well as to make the selling corner which includes software. Although Baby Preschool has less sales rates, it expanded its selling department because GMS itself made a point on their targeted customers.

Child Care Magazine

Company B

Consulting about the 12th anniversary project after the first issue. Planning and Operating for setting up the original sales counter by collaborating with a retail distribution company and sales promotion caravans.

Company R

Planning and Operating for sales promotion caravans as Anniversary projects by collaborating with a retail distribution company.

Company S

Consulting about Child Care Magazine’s business with the retail distribution company.

Toy Maker

Company T (Miniature Car・Train Toy)

Consulting about the 30th Anniversary Project, and setting up of the sales counter by collaborating with sales promotion caravans and retail distribution company.

Company T(Baby Business)

General Marketing Communication on the baby business project launched in 1997.

Company T(New Business)

General Marketing Communication and Consulting on new product developments of Preschool Toy.

Planning and Operating for the new products accouchement press conferences of other toy companies.


Company A 「Redcliff」

Collaboration of three different businesses: Distributor, Movie Theater, and GMS as the place that we have the most frequent connection in everyday life. We provided Distributor with more connections with the movie, carried on the promotion project at the movie theater, and used GMS for regional measures that involved various groups such as NPO. The project was remarked that it collaborated three different businesses which are in the same building. The project was also high evaluated because it was conducted at consumers level to make more connections with consumers.

Shopping Mall

Company S

Developing and Operating of Integrated Communication Program at the regional shopping malls in Japan. Conducted a rational communication by customizing for each area.

Company A

Introducing and Operating various events at the mall which has the largest networks in Japan.
Introducing the project that places a special emphasis on distance and involvement with the costumers to make the mall special for the customers.


Company P

Planning and Operation for the annual events and Christmas event at the major hotel group which plans to expand its business throughout Japan. Organized the Norway’s Official illuminations light up on Christmas at the hotel in Akasaka, and it became one of Akasaka’s winter attractions. Coordinating the plans to become contributed and community based resort hotel with our global sources.


Company P

Company P entered into an alliance with Mamas & Papas Company, the UK’s Baby Product SPA in 2010, and Company P gained the exclusive right of selling in Japan. Engaged in as AE of the Total Marketing Communication.

Baby Skin Care

Company K

Company K makes Baby Skin Care products which contains Bamboo Vinegar. Consulting for introducing into the major distribution retailer, and also Organizing introduction project and distribution.

Nursing Bottle Maker

Company Z

The Nursing Bottles is a good seller with its special shape. Planned and Conducted the introduction into major distribution company. Carried out the branding duties in the field of Marketing Communication.

In the case of American Graduated School


MIT is the research institute of Baby and Infant. Supported MIT Media Lab research presentation in Japan, Planning and Operation of general press release and Public Relations Campaign.

Denmark Household Goods Maker

Company A

Company A, the Life Style Maker is from Copenhagen, Denmark. Advisory duties of entering in Japan, and planed and organized the approach to major household goods chain. Planning and Operation of general press release and Public Relations Campaign.

Awareness Building Activities for the legislation of child-seat

Company B

Planned and Conducted the wearing promotion with CRS promotion team such as Pediatrician, Scholar, Japan Automobile Federation, and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications as to the legislation of child-seat in 2000. Conducted awareness building events such as press release and seminars in various places.

UK Toy’s SPA Maker

Company E

Conducted the total Marketing Communication Activities on Company E, Toy’s SPA in the UK, entering in Japan. Organized the distribution.

Life Style Shop

Company F

Company F is the pioneer in the filed of Life Style Shop in Japan. Developed and Arranged the supplier of Northern European sundry goods. Planning and Operating of the seasonal special campaigns,

Major Distributor and Retailer

Company A

Planed and conducted the nation-wide campaign by using our companies' right of using Northern European Christmas such as official Santa Claus and fairy nisse.


Company D

Planning and Operating of the property branding for the foreign affiliated licenser. Conducted the various projects such as concert, selling, and hijacking at the large shopping mall by popular character for a month. Introduced restaurant menu in hotels to gain new fan customers.

GMS Marketing

Company A

Developed 50 Weeks MD Calendar. Created the weekly master plan for the head office which has 52 weeks for a year throughout food, clothing, and shelter. Buyers refer to the date to make decision on what products to buy, amount adjustment, and the way to bind the products, and finally they can make specific sales project. Marketing Team also refers to the master plan to examine for the contents and times of large events such as fair, and reflect to actual production of tools and flier.